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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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this is the the bay area's news and weather station kron 4 news news at 11 starts now. >> a tragic accident in south san jose, a child hit and killed by a car earlier today, a woman and toddler also hit. they are expected to survive. tonight, we now know that the child who was struck and killedd girl. the pedestrian's were hit near parkview elementary school in san jose, the 6-year-old girl died at the scene. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. the woman and the two-year-old tad letter with her were taken to the hospital. one resident in the area says she has seen several cars fly by up and down that street. the driver involved in the car
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has been cooperating with officers. no charges have yet been filed. police say it does not appear that alcohol or drugs played a role in the acc. new tonight at 11, at midnight tonight, crews are expected to start work on the doil construction project in san francisco. a warning to drivers, this work will can you see de. it will have additional safety features including shoulders on the side of the road. that road is part of a major route to get to the golden debate bridge. it will be unavailable at night for several weeks to come all starting tonight. kron 4 news is live. >>reporter: we are less than an hour away from the road closure from our location here at lake street all the way down to the golden gate bridge on ramp. let's take video and show what
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we're talking about. the doyle drive overpass and it goes over the park so it's going to shut down the street. here are the scheduled closures. it will close down from monday to thursday from midnight to 4:00 a.m.. on the weekends they'll shift the hour one hour later from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.. work is expected to last about three weeks. when they're done, like you said it will pave the way for new construction for doyle drive. this work is expected to last three or so weeks. officials say the best diet your route will be -- detour will be lumbar street. the school district announced tonight it has reached a $2.85 million settlement with a former student over sex abuse claims. the former student sued the district for failure to perform state mandated duties to report suspected child abuse.
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the molestation occurred at the school back in 1996. the accused teacher committed suicide but the school's principal at the time did not inform police of the allegations. school officials are mandated by law to do so. three other unidentified former students have also sued the district and former administrators in separate will you tells. police have fully outfitted every officer in the department with cameras attached to the uniforms. the officials say the camera provide the department with video that are not possible from fixed mounted cameras. they are mounted on the shoulder of the officer's uniform or on the hat or safety glasses. fire officials say they're useful because they capture the officer's point of view. cameras are helpful have been used for evidence already. we are getting a close up look to the broken bolts that
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could delay the construction on the bay bridge. charles clifford had a tour of the bridge. >>reporter: tuesday afternoon. capital tran took me -- caltran took me below the deck of the bay bridge we are underneath the eastern end of the suspension span. >>reporter: between the deck of the bridge are what called sheer keys. the joints are designed to support the bridge in the event of an earthquake. the 32 bolts that are broken were supposed to attach them to the tower. >> after these were tensioned and workers were coming out to check and recheck, they noticed the nuts had popped up and indicated they were no longer tensioned and it had broken on the threaded part down at the bam. >>reporter: the plan to if i can the problem involves putting cable scratches straps and tightening it all down. in the meantime. they're testing hundreds of other bolts by tightening them
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down appeared literally listening to any problems. >> will are acoustic emission centers connected to some of the bolts and what they're listening to is cracking and if any of the bolts crack it creates a sound waive and these computers will pick that up. >>reporter: gordon says so far the problem seems to be limited to the bolts already broken. >> all other bolts here at the eastern foundation as well as elsewhere on the bridge is not shown any problems but our investigation continues. >>reporter: on the new eastern span of bachlt bridge. carlos carlos kron 4 news. the search continues for a missing 9-year-old girl who is autistic. they've been looking for mikaela lynch today. she was seen in the backyard of her family vacation home in clear lake. new surveillance video show her without clothes and shoes running north on harbor drive. her family said she had a habit of taking off her clothes.
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she has the mental capacity of a 1-year-old child and has been without her medication now since she disappeared on s. >> they told us to look in small places because that is what autistic kids do. they will hide. >> i hope that they find her. it's emotional when you have your own children and i can't imagine what the parents are going through. >> she stantsz at #4r feet -- stands at four feet tall, brown hair and brown eyes. as we said she is autistic and is unable to speak. tonight the 12-year-old brother who was accused of stabbing his little sister to death in calaberas county has been charged with her death. here's what we know. leila fouler's older brother has been charged with 2nd degree murder. the 12-year-old boy will be in court tomorrow morning. he will face a judge for the first time. in the 911 call released today the caller said she was the
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girl's mother. it goes into detail about a mystery intruder in the home. no mention of leila being stabbed nor injured in any way on the call. the call was made from a different loc. it was cooler out there today. koolter weather will continue -- cooler weather will continue for the next couple of days. 53 in san francisco, 54 in hampton bay. 58 in san jose. we've been seeing breezy conditions in the bay area. 20 miles an hour wind gusts. 29 miles an hour in concord as we take a look at satellite radar picture it's because we're seeing a pattern ship. the cloud cover moving to the north of us. the storm way up to the north. this will impact us into tomorrow night and thursday morning. rain in the forecast. i'll tell you more about that in the future cast coming up. lgs coming up tonight. federal -- also coming up tonight. federal authorities recommending
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toughening the alcohol limits for drivers. the surprising news of angelina jolie under going a double masectomy. the same sex marriage, details next. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like
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going a double masectomy. the same sex marriage, details next. mastectomy. the national transportation safety board wants to toughen the alcohol limits for driving drivers. they voted today recommending that states lower the blood alcohol limit to.05 from.08. that is one drink for a woman weighs less than 120 pounds. 2,000 people die every year from alcohol related car crashes. the ntsb has no authority to make laws. it can only make recommendations. new tonight at 11. a study found that reducing stalt intake below the recommended amount of 2,300 milligrams a day may be unnecessary. the study was released by the institute of medicine.
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it reviewed the connection between salt intake and health problems. it has been linked to hyper tension and cardio vascular disease. lowering them too much poses it's own health risk but the american heart association disagrees with key con conclusions in the new study. coming up later in the broadcast. a robust bay area sports night. the warriors san antonio, the sharks an the kings. i'm tired just saying it. later in the forecast. it's been cooler out there but more changes on the way. potential rain in the forecast. i'll tell you when coming up. kron 4 news is sponsored by mercedes benz. located on the web.
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. a stunning personal revelation from actress angelina jolie written for the new york times. jolie says she is finished with surgeriry and rehabilitation after a double mastectomy. she did it for her children. she did it to avoid cancer. she hopes women will benefit from her experience. the inherited genetic mutation put her at risk for ovairian cancer. a woman went under the mastectomy. she spoke with her and why it
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was important for her to go with the surgery. >>reporter: she is all smiles with her children but a few years ago she made a tough decision to remove her breaths and ovaries because s breasts and ovaries because she believed it would lead her to have a longer life. she got tested for the brca mute yigs and found out the -- mutation and found out the probability of getting the cancer was more than 90%. taking preventive measures she had her ovaries removed and a future month's later a d mastectomy. >> it is like a big tummy tuck and they use your own tissue to create your own breasts. it effects your body. it was a long recovery it was a ten-hour surgery and i was in the hospital for a week. i had an ep detoural in my book -- of course pefk of course idural. i was sliced from side to side
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and they get a toll in your chest and the tissue from your stomach and bring it up under your chest to form your new breasts. it was a very rollar coastar ride of emotions. >> some people are hesitant to get tested because it is expensive and insurance companies don't always cover the cost. because of the history in her family it was important to find out the chances of her getting cancer which eventually led to her decision to opt for su. one bay area champion in the fight against breast cancer has passed. barna brener led the. she was known for her fight for the research in the area. she suffers from breast cancer. she a died on may the was 61 ye. parents, teachers and their
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supporters gathered today to protest the proposed layoffs of san francisco teachers. they are issuing final layoff notices to more than 100 teach yefrs. this number -- teachers. this number has decreased since march when they issued 200 certified layoffs. they explained that only some of the layoffs were related to funding short falls. others were related to positions no longer needs. minnesota is now the 12th state in the united states to make gay marriage legal. the states governor signed the bill into law today one day after that state senate approved it. that will clear the way for gay couples to get married in begint th. it's been coolerer out there the flfrn -- cooler out there the next couple of days. we'll stay clear tomorrow. fog near the coastline but cooler temperature into tomorrow night, thursday morning. increase o clouds, increase of
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showers by thursday, late morning. afternoon highs for your wednesday, 60's and 70's for the most part. we'll be at 82 in antioc. 72 for san jose as we look outside on satellite radar picture, we're seeing mostly clear skies in the bay area. this is going to gradually make it's way towards us i tomorrow night. we'll start to see increasing clouds you'll see that here on future cast by ten. in the overnight hours we're seeing returns on the future cast model over the north bay but it will be too dry for any of the rain to hit the ground at that hour. i think the same thing going into the 8:00-hour but by ten that rain will make it to the ground, the 11:00-hour we're seeing fairly widespread light showers that will continue into the 2:00-hour through the north bay and taper off after that so it's really only a window of about a couple of hours that we'll seeing light showers but
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you want to keep the umbrella handy. temperatures are cooling to the lowest mark on thursday and then rebounding friday into the weekend. good news for you beta breakers runners. we'll see fog in the morning but then sunny and mild conditions for the rest of the morning and afternoon. you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on the 24/7 bay area news channel. jacquelyn told you we are now five days from the bay to breakers. we'll bring you the race from start to finish starting at 8:00 a.m.. beta breakers happening. giants a's and sharkies. all straight ahead. and one more loss is over for the warriors after tonight's game five with the spurs. gary has that story and all of the sports. he's next.
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[ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ . all right everybody. when seth curry and clay thompson go cold, the warriors have no shot. tonight in san antonio, curry and his bum ankle couldn't get off. he scored only nine points. david lay with the very serious injury, surgery at the end of the year played 12 minutes and hit three shots. # points. harrison barns -- six points. harrison barns. rookie all rookie team.
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this is san antonio's night. tony parker to green. green had 16 points. spurs up 11 in the third. jared jack, you know, at least this stage wasn't too big for him. he wasn't afraid. number of turn oversut 20 points. thompson and curry combined for six of 22 from the field for only 13 points. warriors did have 14 turn overs. 14 in the third and in the fourth quarter, just all said, antonio, here comes parker one more time. he had 250 and mark janson -- he had 25 and mark johnson won't be giving any quotes tonight. 109-91 spurs up 3-2. >> just talking about the challenge getting this one over with thursday. you'd make a bad coach. nobody talks about getting this thing over with like you got a rash or that kind of thing. you've got to take a pill or put cream on it and it's going to be
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gone, you know, this is a war. they have a class team. they bust their at both sides of the floor and it's not about getting rid of anything. it's about going and playing and that about it. >> we put together an of basketball we talk about all year long. it's not much asking to win two games. we play like the way we played tonight we might as well, you know, begin to make preparations and i don't believe that that's my team. >> all right. now warriors need to win thursday. the deciding game seven which will be sunday in san antonio. sharks and kings game one. darryl sutter, once a point of time the shark's coach now running the show in los angeles very successfully the kings jump out 1-0 lead. we go to the second period. mike richards, deflects off of him. the insurance goal and the los
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angeles kings, if you believe the commentators checked witkie tonight because we don't have time but everybody said the sharks played well tonight but they just, bad break here, bad break there. stopping 35 shots. six career play off shut out. sharks 35, kings 20, where it counts. so kings win game one. final of 2-0. a chance to gain ground with first place texas. the a's fans. look, get off your phone. watch the game. you always have to tweet, you have to text. get a life, make friends. socialize. here is nate fryman. one of the jewish players in the game. thank you for listing the religion. 10th inning. tied at four. adrian beltran gone. a's get a run back off joe
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nathan. load the businesses but the contest ends. winning 6-5. the giants make it an 0 for four bay area night. cabrera, thanks f,000 world series ring. me cheating allowed you to get home field advantage. eight runs sh five . he batted twice in the first inning. ra, we like to see people swinging and missing at knuckle balls. he hit a home run. santa hit a home run. it's the dickie highlight time the bluejays beat the giants. the home run in the 9th made it closer. for the guy that called in i roled a 225 tonight so there you go. it's an 0 for four bay area night. it's an 0 for four bay area night. all w[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances
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